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Mickey Mouse Inspired Cake Smash! | Del Rio Studio Cake Smash Photographer

January 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It’s the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!! Come inside it’s fun inside!  (You know you were singing along!)

We are HUGE Mouse fans in this house and when I have a chance to feature the mouse in a cake smash, we do it in style! 


For Royce’s cake smash session, we created the iconic clubhouse landscape for him – complete with a glove balloon.  His cake was the actual clubhouse!  There was no bribery needed for him to have fun and enjoy chomping down on his cake!



Mom made him the most awesome mouse ears and he had the perfect outfit, fit for King Mickey!  When Royce saw the set we created for him and his mouse ears he got so excited!  There is nothing more rewarding than to see your hard work appreciated by the littlest of clients.  Mom’s heart skipped a beat or two as well to see how much her baby boy was enjoying his special birthday celebration.  We sang to all the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme songs, played, danced and enjoyed watching Royce savor that delicious Frosted Kitchen masterpiece. 

What makes a Scrappy Doodles Photography cake smash so special?  It is designed just for YOU!  We work together to create the perfect reflection of your vision and celebration.  Your child is the star of the show and we pull out all the stops to make sure they feel that way.  They are fun, full of laughter and the cake tastes AMAZING! 


I am an award-winning newborn, child and family photographer serving the Del Rio, Brackettville, Laughlin AFB and surrounding areas.  My goal at Scrappy Doodles Photography is to tell your life story, one image at a time.  Along with Frosted Kitchen, Scrappy Doodles Photography proudly offers one-of-a-kind 1st birthday cake smash sessions.  This cake smash session was captured in Scrappy Doodles’ studio.  For booking information and availability, please contact me here.

Grab a Jet, Strike a Pose | Laughlin AFB Photobooth Rental

January 06, 2018  •  4 Comments


Grab a Jet and Strike a Pose!!


This ONE OF A KIND squadron of briefing stick aircraft are exclusive to Photobooth by Scrappy, and are the perfect way to showcase your current or future weapon system. 


Photobooth by Scrappy Squadron of Aircraft


Picture this:   there you are, at drop…in the (you get the picture)


You have been busting your tail to earn the jet of your dreams – the slideshow is scrolling, your friends, family and classmates are all cheering you on. 


AWESOME! You got Vipers to Holloman! 


You want to tell everyone…ASAP.   What picture would you rather send to your family or post on social media?  A blurry screenshot of the slide showing your new jet, or a picture of you (and whoever else you want to add to the photo) HOLDING a Viper with a T-38 in a crisp image? 


When you have Photobooth by Scrappy set up at your event, you are able to do just that!  We proudly feature a squadron of 19 aircraft to execute your storytelling mission. 


In the fleet are:

2-ship of T-6  

2-ship of T-38  

2-ship of T-1  














…inbound soon…helos


Whatever the aviation mission you will soon be supporting, coupled with the background of your choice and social media sharing capabilities of the booth, you are able to make your special announcement or celebrate with class! 




Print templates can be customized for you with your class/squadron patch and any color scheme you would like.  We have a base-themed background, as well as 15 shimmer background options to choose from. 



After the event, you are able to download your image if you didn’t have it emailed or text messaged to you, so you have your digital image as well as the print to keep as a keepsake of your event. 


The booth is available for drop nights, graduation dinner, squadron parties…you name it! 


What are you waiting for?  Let’s start mission planning!  Contact Scrappy today!



Photobooth by Scrappy is part of the Scrappy Doodles Photography & Design line up of services provided.  It is a military veteran/military spouse owned, independent business and has no affiliation with the Department of Defense or United States Air Force. The services provided from this business are offered for hire. The aircraft briefing sticks are only available to members of the Armed Forces.      

Photobooth By Scrappy | Photobooth Rental in Del Rio, Brackettville, Laughlin AFB, Texas

January 06, 2018  •  1 Comment

The industry’s best photobooth is now available for rent in Del Rio, Laughlin AFB and Brackettville!


Scrappy Doodles Photography is excited to showcase Photobooth by Scrappy…our new photobooth rental service!  This amazing booth is available for rental in the Del Rio, Brackettville and surrounding areas.   We are known for our one-of-a-kind photography session experiences, and are thrilled to offer a one-of-a-kind photobooth experience for you too!


The best photobooth rental for your special Del Rio, Brackettville, Laughlin AFB Event!


Let me tell you about this booth! 


First of all, you might be asking yourself it this means that Scrappy Doodles Photography is shifting focus away from portraiture.  Not the case at all!  Scrappy Doodles Photography services won’t be changing one bit!  Scrappy is growing, and what a year to grow!


So then why would a Del Rio Newborn, Child and Family photographer add photobooth rental services to their business?  The answer is simple! 


As I personally attended events with other photobooths I wondered to myself if any existed that were more elegant and weren’t limited to the bounds of the booth walls.  In a time where social media sharing is pretty much part of an everyday regimen, I also wondered if there was a way to do that from the booth directly.  I mean, how much more awesome would it be to not have to take a picture of a print that you liked from the photobooth picture and just have the digital image at your disposal to share?  Let’s face it, we are in the age of NOW, show me what you are doing right now! 


So, I did some research.   


The criteria for the magical booth that I wanted to select (if I was going to even select one) was:

  • Portability
  • Elegance
  • Social Media capabilities that allow ON THE SPOT sharing
  • Versatility
  • Quality imagery
  • Quality prints
  • FUN and interactive



I’m excited to share that Photobooth by Scrappy offers all of the above and MORE! Not only can it do all of that, but it can also…

  • Be connected to a standalone kiosk so your guests can share, print, text their images while guests continue to enjoy the booth
  • Create animated GIFs (those little movies you see from three to four pictures)
  • Green screen images (as in you can PICK your customized background that prints on your print)
  • Print in 2x3 strips, 4x6 or 5x7 sizes



This booth is fantastic!  Gone are the days of having to step into a traditional photobooth – Photobooth by Scrappy’s open-air, classy booth is perfect for ANY event! It is the BEST!


Photobooth by Scrappy on the job!


But wait, there’s more!  Laughlin AFB pilots and personnel!  Photobooth by Scrappy is proud to offer a CUSTOM set just for you!  I’ll be sharing more about that soon, so stay tuned!!


Roll out the red carpet at your events and make a statement!!! Want to learn more about how Photobooth by Scrappy can make your event the talk of the town? Let’s talk!  I would love to show you! Contact me here.

Simple and Elegant Newborn Session | Del Rio, Texas Newborn Photographer

January 04, 2018  •  1 Comment

Precious Lennox.


When I know that I will be doing sibling newborn photos during a newborn session my excitement kicks up a notch.  I love newborns, and have been formally trained in person by the industry’s leading newborn photographers.  However, as a mom of two little girls, I can’t begin to describe the burst of emotions that I get when I see an older sibling bonding with their newborn baby, especially during the newborn sessions.   


Lennox and her big brother are no exception, and stole my heart.  Photographing toddlers with newborns is not an easy task, so we keep it very simple and organic in the studio.  Lots of cuddling encouraged of course, but more importantly for me, it is crucial to let the older sibling naturally interact with their baby.  During this natural interaction is where the wonder and awe of this new person really impacts everyone in the room.  Who would have known that Lennox would wind up giving up the biggest grin in brother’s lap?  Those emotions and responses, you just can’t cue. 



For her individual photos, we went with very neutral and earthy tones, adding feminine touches of lace and flowers…and, of course, pink.  Everything was simple, elegant and perfect.  Something that I didn’t know was that Lennox’s great-grandmother has a photo of her grandmother with lace draped over her similar to the photo above.  That photo became all the more special to her grandmother because of this tribute.    


I am an award-winning newborn, child and family photographer serving the Del Rio, Brackettville, Laughlin AFB and surrounding areas.  My goal at Scrappy Doodles Photography is to tell your life story, one image at a time.  This newborn session was captured in my studio located in Brackettville, Texas.  For booking information and availability, please contact me here.

Glowing Parents-To-Be | Del Rio Maternity Session Photographer

January 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Maternity sessions are so special.  They symbolize the transition to a new phase of your lives as a family.  They are a display of the love you have for each other and your unborn baby.  They are LOVE.


This gorgeous momma could not have been more radiant during her session.  Throughout this maternity session I would catch Daddy-to-be gazing with so much love at her. 


When we were working on the details for the session, mom chose to wear maternity gowns that I have in my studio.  Part of the maternity session experience at Scrappy Doodles Photography is having access to the 13 maternity gowns in my studio.  They are comfortable, glamorous and compliment every body type.  I also have complimenting maternity sashes to finish the look you are going for. 


Expecting a baby boy, mom chose the cobalt blue gown with a sparkle maternity sash. She also chose to wear an ivory gown with a beautiful chiffon long cape flowing down as well as a chiffon train ruffling down each side.  She completed her look with a blue and white floral crown.    


As for venue, we wanted a place that was perfect for morning light, and versatile for both gowns to be in different areas.  The light peeking through the trees is so magical and created the ambiance of peace. 


Not only are they preparing to start a new chapter as parents, dad is preparing to start a new career in the Air Force.  So many exciting things in store for this family!


Stay tuned to meet their little man! 


I am an award-winning newborn, child and family photographer serving the Del Rio, Brackettville, Laughlin AFB and surrounding areas.  My goal at Scrappy Doodles Photography is to tell your life story, one image at a time.  This maternity session was captured on location.  For booking information and availability, please contact me here.

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