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A Blessing from Above | Del Rio, Brackettville, Laughlin AFB Newborn Photographer

August 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The greatest blessing is a baby.  This family has been on quite the journey to parenthood and it was an honor to be able to be part of this journey with them.  Callen was perfect during his session.  He put on quite the show knowing that he was the center of everyone's attention - from being in daddy's freshly inspected helmet to relaxing in one of mommy's antique chests and all the cuddle time between transitions.  


He fit perfectly into his daddy's's amazing how fast they grow.  His little foot is just about the size of daddy's thumb!!  


You will be seeing more of him throughout the year as he is a proud Scrappy Doodles Grow With Me Baby.  Very excited to watch this little guy grow!!

Red Bulls Turn 100 | Laughlin AFB Aviation Photographer

August 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was fortunate enough to be part of a centennial celebration over the past few days for our squadron, the 87th Red Bulls, at Laughlin Air Force Base.  We have been assigned (and attached) to this squadron for almost 6 years.  


My husband was responsible for an aerial photoshoot, which included him flying a T-38 with a combat camera Airman in the back seat. Learn more about what combat camera does here... Combat Camera - What We Do.  They had a plan to get an image with a 4-ship of T-38s near Amistad Lake, as well as over Laughlin Air Force Base and lastly, John Wayne's Alamo Village.  


I contacted my friends at Alamo Village to see if it would be possible to posture out there and take ground imagery.  They were very accommodating and happy to join the squadron celebration in this capacity.  


It's not every day that a squadron turns 100, so being able to capture this momentous occasion was such an honor.    


Enjoy a couple of my favorite images...

This first image is of the photo being framed.  The T-38 in front (far left) is piloted by my handsome husband who had the combat cameraman in his back seat.  My husband is directing the other 4 T-38s into an echelon formation for the aerial photo.   You can check out the imagery from combat camera here... Official Laughlin AFB Red Bull Birthday Photos

Scrappy Doodles PhotographyEchelon formationThe aircraft to the left of this image is carrying a combat cameraman who is taking imagery of the echelon formation.


The formation did a low pass over the Alamo replica at approximately 1,000 ft AGL.   Standing at the face of John Wayne's Alamo the jets looked amazing!


Scrappy Doodles PhotographyT-38 formationFormation of T-38s assigned to Laughlin AFB fly over John Wayne's Alamo.


Finally...the sound of freedom...


T-38 flyover John Wayne's Alamo


As an Air Force veteran, spouse of an Air Force pilot and all around aviation addict, this is one of those events that will forever be cemented in my heart.  


In honor of the celebration, the squadron's lead jet donned special heritage noseart and tailflash art commemorating the 100th anniversary, dating back to the WWII mission that the squadron supported.  Now, the squadron's mission is to train the next generation of fighter and bomber pilots who join the Combat Air Force - they shape the spear that gets sharpened by the major weapon system these new pilots are selected to fly.  Of course my girls didn't turn away at the chance to get in their flight suits and join the celebration.  Happy Birthday Red Bulls!


Scrappy Doodles PhotographyFuture Pilots

A New Pilot in Town | Del Rio and Brackettville Newborn Photographer

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Look out Del Rio, Brackettville and Laughlin AFB...there's a new pilot in town and he's stealing hearts by the minute!  He's ready to fly with his Stuffed Squadrons jet and custom flight suit bowtie.  Incorporating anything that is symbolic to a family makes the session that much more amazing, and when that something is aviation it makes it even more awesome.  Both mommy and daddy are pilots.  This little guy was born into a family with so much love and had no problem being loved all over for his photos.


One thing that I make a point to do each session is warn the family of the potential for a golden shower or gas unexpectedly from their's all normal and natural, and usually happens to the dad.  Not this time!  He may or may not have christened his big brother and sister while posing for a sibling photo.  haha!!


It was such a pleasure to share in this family's celebration!  

One in a Melon | Laughlin AFB Studio Cake Smash

August 17, 2017  •  16 Comments

First birthdays are SO MUCH FUN to celebrate in the studio, especially when it is a new theme for me! Sweet girl was a blast to celebrate with...she is definitely "One in a Melon!"  


What made this cake smash more special was that mommy made the banner.  We worked together for a couple of months to create the perfect theme that was going to be a spot on reflection of their little girl.  She is the light of her parent's eye, and as you can see, has a smile that will make anyone's day brighter.  


From the outfit, the set, and the cake, studio cake smash sessions are meticulously planned so that everything works together and showcases your child's personality.  Have a 1st birthday coming up?  Get on the Scrappy Doodles Photography Calendar today!



Daddy's Little Girls | Del Rio Newborn Photographer

August 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Let's face it, daddies and their little girls have a special bond, especially when one of those little girls is a newborn and the other a toddler.  Mommy is still awesome, but not as awesome as daddy.  


There was zero question that these two adorable sisters are 100% daddy's girls.  

Lillian is already shaping up to be a fantastic big sis...Evelyn had no problem with Lillian singing her to sleep.  Sweet beautiful sisters!