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**Returning clients receive a $15 discount on their next session. Please note, this does not apply to mini sessions.**
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A $50 non-refundable deposit is required for ALL sessions. Deposits are due within 14 days to secure your date and time.

Method of Payment for Deposit ($50)
Your deposit will be subtracted from the total session cost. The remaining balance is payable at the session.

Policies and Procedures

Session Fee/Scheduling/Rescheduling: Deposits are due within 14 days of scheduling appointment, or the date will not be held. Session Fee Balance is due at the time of the session. Your session can be rescheduled up to 2 times, but has to be coordinated 5 days prior to the session date you are trying to change, otherwise you will incur an additional fee. I do understand that there are circumstances that come up at the last minute that will require rescheduling. I will work with those on a case-by-case basis.

Guests: Unless you are scheduling a family session, you are limited to only ONE additional guest attending the session with you (dad, grandmother, etc, but only ONE). Young children have short attention spans and are easily distracted. Having a small footprint of family/friends at the session ensures we can keep his attention where we would like it to be. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Punctuality and No Shows: Once you have booked your session and secured a time slot, you are responsible for arriving ON TIME (or a few minutes early) to your session. If you are late to your scheduled session time, when you do arrive to your session, your tardiness will be counted as part of your session time. With the exception of newborn sessions, if you are more than 30 minutes late, you forfeit your session time, and will be charged a $50 fee to reschedule. I understand that there are extenuating circumstances that come up at the last minute - please communicate your issues with me in advance. If you fail to appear to a scheduled portrait session, you will still be responsible for the remaining balance of your session fee. Clients who do not show up for a session and do not call at least two hours before the scheduled session time to cancel or postpone will not be rescheduled.

Through the planning process, Scrappy Doodles will provide tips for helping your child have a successful session. I ask that you understand the importance of their child(ren) being happy and healthy at the time of the scheduled session and agrees to not bring a sick, tired, or hungry child to the session. Young children have short attention spans and have a tendency to throw tantrums, which is completely normal. I respectfully request that you not yell at or scold your child to escalate the situation, but instead calmly step away with your child and diffuse the situation. Scrappy Doodles Photography reserves the right to end a scheduled session early, refuse and/or reschedule a session if a child appears ill or is uncooperative.

Facebook "Sneak Peeks" and Proofs: Scrappy Doodles Photography & Design will post up to two (2) "Sneak Peeks" on the Scrappy Doodles Photography & Design Facebook page. You are free to tag anyone you would like to, share or make the photo your profile or cover photo. You can opt not to have any "Sneak Peeks" posted - I will ask at the conclusion of your session. Scrappy Doodles will post proofs to the client’s online gallery within two weeks of the session. The client will be given a link to the gallery. This information may be forwarded to anyone the client wishes to view their gallery.

Photographic Materials: All photographic materials, including but not limited to negatives, transparencies, proofs, and previews, shall be the exclusive property of Scrappy Doodles Photography & Design. No products, including digital files, will be released until the agreed upon amount is paid in full per the payment schedule outlined in this agreement. Copyright and Reproductions:Scrappy Doodles Photography & Design shall own the copyright in all images created and shall have the exclusive right to make reproductions for, including but not limited to, marketing materials, portfolio entries, sample products, editorial submissions and use, or for display within or on the Scrappy Doodles Photography & Design website and/or studio. If the client has privacy concerns it must be addressed prior to the session. It is understood that any duplication or alteration of original images is strictly prohibited {Copyright Law Title 17, Appendix V. Additional Provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 2005, Section 102} without the written permission of the Photographer. Alterations include, but are not limited to, application of filters, re-editing the images in editing software or modifications of any kind.

Model Release for Images with Discounted Vendor Items: Often times Scrappy Doodles can coordinate discounts on items in exchange for professional images of the items in use. If you have accepted any discounts for items that were made for and will be used in your session in exchange for photos of those items in use, Scrappy Doodles will coordinate giving those images to the vendor (Paisley's Place, specific Etsy vendors, etc). By accepting those discounted items you are granting permission for images of those items in use to be used for that vendor's advertising on social media (Facebook, Instagram, business blogs, business websites, Etsy, etc). The vendor will NOT use those images for personal use and the images will NOT be sold to any other third party vendors for compensation. If you would not like for your images to be used by the vendor for advertising, you forfeit any discounts you could receive.

Client Usage and Limited Photo Copyright Release: The Client shall only use the photographic prints, including digital files, in accordance with the permissions within the Limited Photo Copyright Release that will be provided. The Client’s prints are for personal use only and shall not be submitted to contests, reproduced for commercial use. Further, the Client shall not authorize reproductions by non-purchasers covered within this agreement. Additional prints and/or digital files may be purchased between third parties and the Photographer with the permission of the Client.

Social Media: The Client may share photos from their session on their social media forums. The Client shall give image credit to Scrappy Doodles Photography & Design in the caption of all photographs uploaded to social media websites and profiles.

Photographs/Videography: The Client shall not engage in photography or videography during the course of the photographic event unless otherwise agreed to by the Photographer prior to the session.

Indemnification: Scrappy Doodles Photography & Design shall be held harmless for any and all injury to Client during the course of the photographic event and the immediately surrounding events. This Agreement incorporates the entire understanding of the parties. Any modifications of this Agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties. Any waiver of a breach or default hereunder shall not be deemed a waiver of a subsequent breach or default of either the same provision or any other provision of this Agreement. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas.

By signing this document, I agree to the terms and conditions above.

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