Scrappy Doodles Photography is a Brackettville and Del Rio Photographer specializing in lifestyle photography, ranging from Family Portraiture, Newborn Photography and Children’s Photography.  Well known for Laughlin Air Force Base, Brackettville and Del Rio Photography, Scrappy Doodles is the premier choice for creative, one-of-a-kind portraits that showcase your personality and style.  If you are looking for photos with vibrant color that capture your precious moments and milestones and a photographer that gives you personalized attention, Scrappy Doodles Photography is who you want to hire!  Each session is catered to your vision, and coupled with Scrappy Doodles flare, is transformed from your vision into your lasting memories.  A Scrappy Doodles experience is second to none. 


Del Rio, Laughlin AFB, Brackettville Newborn PhotographerDel Rio, Laughlin AFB, Brackettville Newborn PhotographerDel Rio, Laughlin AFB, Brackettville Newborn Photographer

Del Rio is a quaint border town with lots of character!  Part of the “wild wild west” of Texas, you will find there’s more than tumbleweeds and cactus to include in your photos.  Scrappy Doodles Photography has struck gold with special venues that capture the character of Del Rio, Laughlin Air Force Base, and Brackettville and leave you with photos that you will treasure.


Del Rio, Laughlin AFB, Brackettville Family PhotographerDel Rio, Laughlin AFB, Brackettville Family PhotographerDel Rio, Laughlin AFB, Brackettville Family Photographer

As a Family Portrait Photographer, there are so many places to get out and have fun during your session.  Some of my favorite places for family sessions are located in Del Rio.  Horseshoe Park ranks right up at the top.  It is like a buffet of scenery, ranging from a brightly spray painted wall, lush greenery, railroad tracks, bridges, tall pecan, maple, elm and mulberry trees and native stone.  Running right through the middle is one of the top 10 swimming holes in Texas, San Felipe Creek (according to the June 2005 Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine).   


Del Rio, Laughlin AFB, Brackettville Family PhotographerDel Rio, Laughlin AFB, Brackettville Family PhotographerDel Rio, Laughlin AFB, Brackettville Family Photographer


Across the street from Horseshoe Park is the San Felipe Country Club, another great location for your family photos.  Also boasting lush greenery, you will often find ducks and geese swimming in the San Felipe Creek. 


Another location that is very unique to the area is Fort Clark Springs.  On the fort is an oasis among the desert.  For a moment, you may even forget where you really are!  Fort Clark is a 2,700 acre gated resort and leisure living community.  To capture the true essence of this location you need to be a member…Scrappy Doodles is!  When choosing this venue, you will be whisked away into the heart of the fort where the true magic lies.  Gorgeous sunsets culminate your experience and make for captivating photos.  Every time someone has a session done on the fort, ALL of their friends and family ask where in the world they got them done at because they are that amazing!


Scrappy Doodles Photography


When looking for a photographer to photograph your newborn, you want someone who knows what they are doing.  Newborn photography can be dangerous if the photographer doesn’t have experience and training.  Scrappy Doodles has been professionally trained in newborn portraiture.  Safety is first and foremost with newborns.  Scrappy Doodles is the go-to for custom newborn photography.  These are hands-down our favorite sessions!!  As one of the few photographers in the area with a studio, your newborn will be the most comfortable baby on the block.  In the weeks leading up to your little one’s grand entrance into the world, you will be working with Scrappy Doodles to plan the ultimate first photo session experience.  No detail is left unturned and ALL ideas are welcome!  Newborns are best photographed within the first two weeks of life, although, we prefer to meet your little one between 4-10 days new.  That’s what we call the “money shot timeframe.”   You also have the option to have a lifestyle newborn session done instead of one in the studio.  During a lifestyle session, we come to you to capture life with your newborn…in our home environment.  From the adorable nursery to leisurely hanging out at home, all of those moments are featured in a lifestyle session.   Scrappy Doodles is proud to have her work featured at the Val Verde Regional Medical Center's Women's Center.  


Scrappy Doodles Photography Newborn Photography


Children’s photography comes in at a close second of favorite sessions!  Children are such precious gifts from God and they are full of attitude and spunk!  No two children are alike, and Scrappy Doodles makes sure that is showcased in their session.  It doesn’t matter if your kiddo is turning 1 or 10, you are in for a ride with a child photography session.  Scrappy Doodles is proud to have a partnership with Frosted Kitchen of Del Rio to provide the ultimate of cake smash packages!  We are the only ones in the area with this kind of partnership.  We work together with you to customize that first cake smash experience.  If cake smashing isn’t for you that’s ok!  Each child session gets as much planning attention as a newborn session.  Our goal is to showcase your child’s personality through our photos.  Whether that be in our studio or at an on-site location, you are guaranteed to have fun in the planning and shooting of your session!  As a parent, Scrappy Doodles has that mother’s “eye” for special moments and characteristics that kids exude, and part of our fun is capturing that moment for you to treasure for years to come. 


Scrappy Doodles Photography Cake Smash Sessions


No matter what kind of a session you are looking for, Scrappy Doodles Photography is your Del Rio, Laughlin Air Force Base and Brackettville Photography specialist!  We are here for you from beginning to end and look forward to making your memories the lasting treasures that they are!