Scrappy's Sweatshop is a closet little project that has slowly become a branch of Scrappy Doodles.  


The Sweatshop started with this need to create for my kids. I'm all about custom! I bought my first embroidery machine about seven years ago. Over time, I found myself getting more detailed with my personal projects and got brave enough to offer the service to others.  What I love about embroidery and applique is the beautiful, quality result...having something customized how I want it for my girls, and even getting them involved in the design and sewing process.  The most popular items I do are Christmas Jammies, birthday and squadron shirts. Thanks to my stylish children, I have a TON of sparkly options too that I like to incorporate as often as possible into a design.


Last year, I added a laser to my sweatshop. Now I have a full up maker space in my office. With my laser, I can customize wood, etch glass, metals, cups, acrylic, you name it!  See some of the fun projects I've created here.  It's been a lot of fun creating new things, and I'm excited to add it to the sweatshop. Let's customize something for you!


The official Sweatshop Store is coming soon, but for now you can join the Sweatshop Facebook group here: 

Scrappy's Sweatshop